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streamline your business in 2022

How To Streamline Your Business In 2022

Are you ready for rapid growth in your small business for 2022? If the answer is yes, it's time to audit your process and streamline your business so you can handle your growth sustainably. While we all want to increase revenue and reach, keeping up with new...

sms marketing

Is Sms Marketing The New Email?

SMS — or text messaging — is a powerful tool for marketing and customer communication. While email marketing tends to be the most significant focus, SMS marketing allows instant content delivery and less competition in their inbox.  What Is SMS Marketing And How...

digital transformation

Why Holistic Digital Transformation is Key for Utility Companies

Utilities are changing. The industry is shifting from a centralized power supply model to an increasingly decentralized, customer-centric, and digital model. It's increasingly important that utility companies embrace a holistic digital transformation to entirely...

customer communication

Where the Utility Industry Is Headed

The future’s so bright, you're gonna need some shades. The utility industry is changing, and at an ever-increasing speed. New trends and new advances are making the industry more exciting than ever before. The Internet of Things Advances in the Internet of Things...

cloud-based data

How 5G Technology is Disrupting the Utility Sector

Utilities have had two main ways of monitoring their grids in the past. The first has been to use human inspectors and technicians, going out into the field and looking at things manually. The second has been to put sensors in the field, which can send information...

Block Chain

The Blockchain and Utility Revolution

It's no secret that we're in the midst of a revolution.  As blockchain technology becomes more and more prevalent, it's clear that there will be no end to how our lives are transformed by this new innovation. The way we think about money is changing, and with it,...


Why Your Utility Company Should Go Mobile

For those of you who are paying attention, the utility industry has been working hard to build mobile apps that make it easier than ever to communicate with your company. This means that customers can pay bills, set up automatic payments, or submit service requests...

Utility billing software

6 Essential Tips For Optimizing Your Utility Billing Software

Whether you're a startup or a mature, established utility provider, you may have overlooked the role that your utility billing software plays in your business's efficiency and profitability. After all, dozens of factors influence the way your company operates, and...

utility customer

3 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement: Utilities Edition

For many people, their utility companies are an inconvenience: they only come into contact with them when they need to pay a bill or respond to an unexpected outage or come home to a flooded basement. But in today's world, where consumers expect a personalized,...

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