It’s 2022, and technology has continued to move forward, creating more streamlined customer payments and interaction processes. Here are five trends that are becoming expectations for utility companies and beyond in the digital world.

Digital Signatures 

Paper contracts are a thing of the past, and customers are now moving towards digital signing for an easier and more efficient signing process. The ability to sign online and on your phone makes collecting signatures more accessible for your customers and creates an automated and streamlined process for you.

Customer Preference Management

Your customers want a more customized experience that meets them where they are. That’s where Customer Preference Management comes in. This option empowers your customers to have more of a voice in their marketing communications, allowing you to create a marketing experience that they are receptive to. This will create communications that will convert. 


Love it or hate it, cryptocurrency has become a more requested form of payment, and many companies are catching on, including Venmo. Moving with the shifting paradigms can help you stay ahead and serve your customers on a deeper level. 

Paperless Billing

Digital opt-in for billing or paperless billing is the perfect way to bill your customers. They can receive their bills online, via SMS, and push notifications which will help increase the percentage of on-time payments. This also reduces the environmental impact of paper billing while creating an easier way to pay. 

Digital Wallets

Using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Monay (launching in 2022) will become more common for customers since it makes payment easier and instant. Gone are the days of long ACH transactions and paper bills. It’s also easy to add these payment methods to your business by using platforms designated to handle multiple payment methods like (name one company we want to promote) 

Technology will continuously evolve, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to change how you collect signatures, process payments,  and communicate with your customers. That’s why we have created multiple platforms based on your business needs so you can create a simplified and more efficient experience for your customers that will create higher revenue and less stress for you. 


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