As the world continues to move more into the digital space, learning to adapt to the changes in customer communication has become pivotal for the survival of small businesses. Ultimately your customers are looking for an instant solution to their needs, and as a service provider, it’s our job to fulfill that need. But beyond instant gratification, there is a growing need for intentional communication, sustainability in delivering that information, and personalized access to data.

If customer communication for your small business has been a struggle for you, read on for easy-to-implement small business customer communication tips to help your business grow sustainably while building more genuine connections with your customers. 

What Does Customer Communication Look Like In 2022?

Current 2022 communication trends are shifting into a more personalized experience for customers. We are seeing an uptick in personalized communication, automated digital information, alternative channel communication, and customized user dashboards. Essentially, people are craving instant data and a say in the way they receive communications. 

Personalized Communication

Gone are the days of a paper bill or information coming in the mail. Now, customers want a more personalized experience to access information, billing, and communication with companies. So what does this look like? A personalized experience can mean many things, but the industry standard is starting to shift into opt-ins for notifications (think push notifications, emails, SMS notifications). We are also seeing an increase in user dashboards that provide snapshots of account information, so customers can decide what data is essential to them. 

Automated Digital Information

You can easily streamline your small business customer communication by automating documents and information. Having digital contracts and agreements, populated monthly bills, and automated account updates can not only make your job easier but also provide a better experience for your customers. 

Alternative Channel Communication

Once your customers get too used to certain forms of communication, the effectiveness will begin to decline. To combat this, try using multiple communication channels to keep the doors of communication open. Of course, you should continue the use of emails, social media, and your user dashboard, however trying out surveys, feedback forms, and even video content can help you connect with more customers and build better communication practices with your current customers. 

Customized User Dashboards

We all want quick access to necessary information, hence why Google is such a hit, so it only makes sense that your customers want an easy and accessible way to access account updates, billing info, usage data, and more all in one convenient place. 

Intentional Experiences 

The world is shifting into a desire for more intentional and meaningful experiences, and they want the same from the business they buy from. This means it’s not just about the products. It’s about the story, the experience, and the intention behind the brands they buy from. This includes offering more suitable options that are better for the planet, like digital billing vs paper and environmental policies they can stand behind. 

More Nurturing Content

Creating content that serves your audience will enhance communication and help create more trust. Sending weekly tips to better utilize the services you offer, or content that helps improve their lives will help the visibility of your communications with them. If all your communications are “business” as usual, your customers can easily get desensitized to this way of communicating. When they have something different and new to look forward to from your business, they are more likely to read, interact with, and appreciate your business. 

What Are Other Ways To Improve Customer Communication?

Beyond the delivery component, we also need to consider the context. In what ways are you communicating with customers? Is it in a more human-centric way? Is it more automated and robotic? Are you answering questions on your website and offering chat options? 

We often tend to jump toward the way we send things, without actually putting enough thought into what we are sending in the first place. If your communication channels are mostly digital, that’s where your brand voice comes into play. Having a consistent and strong brand voice will help keep communication consistent, regardless of the channel you choose to use. As a customer, your brand voice should feel the same from social, to emails, and even the way you bill or set up thank you pages. This creates more trust with customers, while also providing a more cohesive brand strategy. 

You also want to ensure that you take a people-first approach to information delivery. For instance, does your website answer questions immediately that potential clients might have when they visit? Do your emails feel personal and offer value? Are you just focused on the sale and not the connection? Consider these questions when crafting your content.

It’s also important to have a smart system in place when customers are having issues or need answers from you. If your customers have a bad experience and need to communicate immediately, but it takes you 48 hours to respond, that will not create a good experience. Have a strategy in place, like instant chat, 24 hour email answer times, a stress-free call system, and easy-to-access FAQ sections to direct customers to. 

Ways To Improve Customer Communication:

  • Have a consistent brand voice 
  • Create people-first communications 
  • Ensure that you easily address customer concerns and questions 
  • Have an easy-to-use dashboard 
  • Use many communication channels
  • Automate information
  • Offer fast access to necessary troubleshooting 
  • More intention behind everything you do
  • Sustainable communication practices 
  • Helpful content 

Improving customer communication will ultimately improve their experience and your profits. While it might take some time to find the best process for your small business, it’s a worthy endeavor that will help you hit your goals much faster. Communication is the foundation of a strong business and relationship with your customers, so it should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. 

How Can Nudge Help Improve Small Business Customer Communication?

Nudge is the ultimate hub for all of your customer communication needs. With over 240 integration options, a centralized dashboard, easy-to-use payment processing, digital agreement features, and easy automation options, customer communication gets easier and more effective. Instead of trying to balance multiple communication channels, billing, data, and feedback you can have everything in one place to streamline your business and create a more effective experience for your customers. 

Nudge was created to help streamline customer communication, while also creating a more sustainable option for running your business. We understand the growing needs and changes in communication that your customers are craving and offer a solution all in one place so it’s easier to manage and create more connections. 

2022 communication trends are heading exactly where we expected as we move forward after the pandemic. Ultimately digital platforms are the new and improved way to communicate and offer the ultimate experience for your customers. If you would like to learn more about Nudge and how we can help your business communicate more effectively, we would love to connect with you. You can schedule a demo or reach out to our team today.

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