Banking and Finance

Transform your company’s financial solutions. Improve AML and KYC compliance and reduce operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Education and Universities

Keep students engaged and informed with vast outreach methods via email, SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, smart speakers, and more.

Gaming and Developers

Seamlessly set up subscription payment options. Make program enrollment a breeze for your gaming platform participants with our powerful and adaptable smart pages for multiple channels.


Recurring payments, paperless billing enrollment, and scalable communication mediums help our software stand apart from other customer communication and payment platforms. Keep your customers informed and engaged with monthly billing changes and more.

Information & Technology

Our ERP-integrated system makes set-up simple and seamless to bring communication outside the confines of your internal systems. Reduce time to deploy, scale with the cloud, and save on cost using our plug-and-play communication cloud. Integrate your payment systems with our payment cloud to experience real-time payments. Enhance your user experience with speed.

Media and Entertainment

Stay up-to-date with your followers through subscription payment models, multiple messaging platforms, and scalable communication methods. Connect with people – faster.

Memberships Enrollment

Customizable smart pages allow easy enrollment and payment gateways for people to join your group, club, subscription company, and more. 

Public Sector

Swiftly integrate with legacy systems to bring your customer communication systems entirely online. Our software makes it simple to migrate data for a headache-free transfer so you can communicate with people on their terms.

Rentals and Leases

Create landing pages for your tenants to pay quickly through a portal online at little cost to you so you can get paid on time with no stress.

SaaS Billing

Recurring payment plans and communication methods are easily scaled for any type of billing, including billing for SaaS company.


Streamline your telecommunications business with multiple communication avenues at costs that don’t make your head spin. Our scalable system allows for massive reach, easily customizable messaging, and simple launch steps, so you’re saving time while keeping customers smiling.

Usage-Based Subscriptions

Send payment requests and subscription bills to your followers through multiple mediums, including SMS, email, and push notifications. Perfect for small online businesses with recurring subscription payments.


Communicate with customers, and collect more revenue. Our two-way, customer-centric communication and payment platform is a perfect fit for legacy systems looking for a way to bring their communication and bill collection into the digital landscape.

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