CPaaS is a ground-breaking technology that is providing healthcare organizations with the opportunity to completely upgrade the way they interact with their patients, stakeholders, and within the organization. It enables them to incorporate a cloud-based communication system into their existing applications, like electronic health records, patient portals, and telehealth solutions. Consequently, it assists healthcare organizations to extend their reach beyond the usual communication methods, such as phone and email.

Through the utilization of CPaaS, medical and health organizations can offer an array of services over the commonly used communication platforms such as instant messaging, voice, and video. This setup allows them to gain access to analytics and be able to securely reach their patients through their preferred channels, including SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Chatbots.

Applications of Omni-Channel CPaaS Platform in the Healthcare Industry

CPaaS offers numerous benefits to the healthcare industry, ranging from providing better patient experience to improved treatment results, quick payment collection and effective customer communication. Its usage spans across all the internal, external, and customer communication needs in the healthcare sector.

Automate appointment booking, cancellation and rescheduling

Set the patients free from waiting in line or holding a phone call to book a medical appointment. With CPaaS, you can send links through SMS, enable your chatbot or put your IVRS system into action to book the appointments. Additionally, you can empower your patients to cancel or reschedule an appointment themselves without putting your resources for this job. Also, send medical appointment reminder texts through SMS and avoid no-shows in the clinic or hospital.

Simplify bill presentment, payment collection, and payment disbursement at hospitals

Do you still find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, validation, and the collection process that you have to go through? You can now send out the discharge summary or bills electronically along with an easy payment link to collect the amount quickly and smoothly. This will allow you to start the medical procedure immediately or quickly discharge a patient and take in the next one. Likewise, make payment disbursement to your staff, vendors, and others in a jiffy.

It not only minimizes mistakes by taking out the manual processes and improving accuracy but also provides customer satisfaction by guaranteeing a safe and reliable payment process.

Deliver a seamless tele-consultation experience

Enhance the efficiency of your telemedicine platform for remote patients with a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Send the links to join the session through text messages, emails, or WhatsApp, and make the whole process easier and more comfortable for your patients who are not at the clinic or hospital.

Send prescriptions and lab reports digitally

CPaaS provides an effective solution to reduce the crowding at dispatch counters by enabling you to deliver bills, lab results, and prescriptions digitally over the patient’s chosen communication channels like SMS, eMail, or WhatsApp. You can simply send links to the patients to check lab reports. This secure and easily accessible form of digital documents makes it possible for the patients to access their documents from any location at any time, saving their time and effort during future emergencies. This not only simplifies the business operation but also improves the user experience.

Communicate seamlessly with vendors, suppliers, consultants and others

Shoot updates, payment reminders, product receipts, AMC requests and more to the vendors, suppliers, and service providers and keep your system updated. A well-planned communication strategy using the various channels can significantly save your time and make your communication system more efficient.

Share updates, run branding campaigns, or take surveys

Individuals who prioritize their well-being take note of any significant data related to their health that arrives in their inbox. You can interact with them by regularly shooting messages on health tips, indications and symptoms, preventive healthcare advices, and more. Your marketing team can advertise any of the health check-up packages, the introduction of fresh medical equipment, or the arrival of a specialist surgeon or doctor at your facility and keep your patients informed. You can also use CPaaS to improve healthcare services by gathering honest patient feedback through surveys.

The above use cases of CPaaS in the healthcare industry result in eliminating the lapses in patient reach-outs, disseminating instant information among the staff, doctors, and patients, positioning the brand strongly, and simplifying the payment collection process. The outcome is advantageous in many ways, including enhanced patient treatment, improved patient participation, and lower operational costs.