Businesses need effective customer communication to engage their customers and drive call-to-action. Though there are different channels of communication, WhatsApp has turned out to be a revolutionary messaging platform carving its place as a business communication channel across different industry verticals.

Since the launch of WhatsApp Business API in 2018, customers have been using this secured messaging platform seamlessly and it has truly revolutionized the way of real-time communication. It has extremely and comparatively higher click-through rates than any other messaging platform enticing businesses to choose WhatsApp as the most productive platform for marketing and customer communication purposes.

WhatsApp makes your business happen!

Let your customers interact and get information whenever and from wherever they are, at their convenience.

If your business is not on WhatsApp now, you might be giving way to your competitors for grabbing opportunities.

WhatsApp for Businesses

Businesses are increasingly making their presence on channels where their customers are present to establish real-time communication.

As a business, you would love to know that your customers are widely present on WhatsApp, with an average user spending as much as 19.4 hours per month on WhatsApp. More than 100 countries have WhatsApp as the leading messaging app and 50 million business use WhatsApp business APIs for customer reach-outs.

WhatsApp works incessantly to roll out new features that engage its users more effectively. Though WhatsApp chat and call are the most commonly used features, the users also prefer sending texts, images, GIFs, and videos that enrich the communication experience.

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WhatsApp Business API to improve CX:

Connect and Communicate Better with your Customers

Messaging through WhatsApp not only ensures better and real-time communication but also improves the overall experience of your customers who now want to access the brands instantly, whenever and wherever they are at. Businesses can do a lot more with WhatsApp.

#1. 24X7 Availability

Making a business available 24 x 7 has become a dream come true for many of the businesses with WhatsApp. Now make your brand and business available for your customers anytime of the day.

Nudge communication platform has a WhatsApp feature that makes your business available round-the-clock for customer interaction. Customers can know about their account, their transactions, make payments, buy services and products, take help for customer support, and do much more without a human interface with Nudge WhatsApp Business API.

#2. Better market reach- Higher visibility

Although you have a local brand, you might be having a vision of creating a global presence. By investing in WhatsApp API, you can easily tap into different markets and create a global presence for your brand. Customers from all over the world can interact with your business through the WhatsApp chatbot, making queries and getting in touch with customer representatives. WhatsApp chatbot can improve customer experience by attending them instantly, answering their queries, and redirecting them to the right agent.  With appropriate infrastructure and logistics in place, you can easily scale your business and strengthen your visibility.

#3. Facilitate 2-way interactions

Today’s dynamic customers do not prefer one-way messages delivered to their inboxes. They want to reciprocate and put their preferences right away which is possible only through a platform that takes the real conversation to a different level. But, connectivity issues, regulatory problems, and other factors prevent 2-way communications.

Interstingly, WhatsApp has addressed these issues to ensure smooth interactions and empower customers. You can send purchase confirmations, delivery alerts, promotional messages, and other notifications to your customers in clicks. Moreover, WhatsApp lets your customers book a service, make online payments, and file complaints as well.

#4. A secure and private platform

End-to-end encryption technology has made WhatsApp a secure and reliable platform. It protects your customers’ privacy and prevents any compliance issues. Encrypted messages will not be accessible to hackers. For instance, if you have a recruitment company looking for candidates from different countries, it is important to keep conversations with candidates safe and secure. WhatsApp does it all!

Using the WhatsApp business platform, you can send automated job alerts to candidates who are searching for new job openings. The messaging app ensures that candidates’ confidential documents remain free from risks.

#5. Show creativity in communication

While using SMS or other messaging platforms, you face a common challenge. You cannot easily send a media-rich message to your potential or existing customers.

Nowadays, customers do not like to read long ads and boring texts. Neither do they enjoy the long “on-hold music” while trying to connect with your brand. You need to make your messages attractive and creative. Marketers using WhatsApp report a higher CTR with creative and unique communication content like interactive brochure, short videos or images that can be sent through WhatsApp.

It also enables you to add a CTA button, which increases the chance of a conversion and drive sales with WhatsApp. Your customers can connect with your agent and make a prompt decision.

#6. Create brand connections

Use WhatsApp Business API to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers. You can create a Business Profile that reflects your brand identity. WhatsApp Business API integration also lets you display your phone numbers, email addresses, store addresses, social media links, and website URLs.

Most importantly, you can reveal your brand personality while interacting with customers which increases the recall time of your brand.

Since WhatsApp thoroughly verifies business accounts, customers will not suspect your message as spam. By infusing brand ethos, you can make your customer connections stronger and better.


Overall, WhatsApp API is good for businesses of any niche. You will have up-selling and cross-selling opportunities during a real-time conversation. You can transform your communication landscape by integrating this API into your platform. Furthermore, as your customers are familiar with WhatsApp messaging, they can easily interact with you helping you derive the best value from WhatsApp marketing automation.

What do we have in store for you?

Nudge, with its suite of customer communication services, can help you build the best communication experience for your customers and better outcomes for your business. No matter which industry or what size is your business, we can design a very personalized WhatsApp communication flow – tailor-made just for you.

Nudge can also help you deploy an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot for your business website. Now, run your campaigns, upsell or promote your products, receive payments, and do all the creative stuffs in real-time with your customers located anywhere, in clicks.

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