SMS — or text messaging — is a powerful tool for marketing and customer communication. While email marketing tends to be the most significant focus, SMS marketing allows instant content delivery and less competition in their inbox. 

What Is SMS Marketing And How Does It Work? 

SMS marketing is promotional or informational campaigns sent directly to customers/subscribers on their phones. Typically SMS is used to communicate last-minute promos or time-sensitive alerts and sales.

 You need customers to opt-in (like the double opt-in for emails) to send SMS. Once your customer opts in, you can use Nudge to send instant SMS campaigns to your customers. 

What Are The Benefits Of SMS Marketing? 

SMS marketing has many benefits and improves customer communication and informational delivery. For example, it creates a less “sales” feel and produces higher response rates and engagement. 

  • SMS allows customers to easily opt-in and opt-out of receiving notifications


  • SMS marketing is quick, easy to use, and affordable. 


  • SMS marketing is more interactive and instant.


  • SMS marketing can easily integrate with other marketing platforms and tools.


  • Text messages have a higher response rate.


  • SMS marketing is affordable.  

Ultimately SMS marketing can elevate your reach, engagement, and conversions with customers, especially if you have a user-friendly platform to send SMS from.

Important SMS Marketing Tips

It’s essential to understand the medium with which you are using. For example, emails can be long-form and full of content, but SMS messages need to be short and to the point. It is also important to understand timing, and knowing where your customers are located can help you pick the best time to send. 

We also recommend using some urgency in your messages to get higher open rates. For example, if you have a service outage, make sure that is the first line of text your customers will see. If you have a sale or promotional offer, use language like Only 100 left! Or maybe today is the last day to save! Since text messages require shorter content, it’s important to be direct with what you are saying. 

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