Are you ready for rapid growth in your small business for 2022? If the answer is yes, it’s time to audit your process and streamline your business so you can handle your growth sustainably.

While we all want to increase revenue and reach, keeping up with new customers and offering an organized and user-friendly experience is crucial to growth. There’s nothing worse than getting new customers but not having the resources or capacity to serve them in a way that you are proud of. So if you need a little help streamlining your process and customer communication experience, we can give it a big Nudge in the right direction.

Customer Communication Essentials

Not everyone communicates the same way, so it’s essential to reach your customers where they are. This will ensure that your communications are received and that your customers have some say in how they receive them. You can communicate through SMS, email, and push notifications — all of which are supported on the Nudge platform. 

Payment Process

Billing is an integral part of your customer experience, and moving away from paper billing can save you time, money, and even help increase the amount of on-time payments. We also suggest offering multiple payment methods like Apple Pay, GooglePay, and even Bitcoin. 

Keep it all in one place 

If you juggle multiple platforms to run your business, then Nudge will be your new best friend. Instead of having marketing, payments, contracts, and communication separate, you can have them all in one place- working together seamlessly. Having one location as the pulse of your business will help you stay organized and allow you to spend more time focused on growth and less time worrying about where everything is. 

Owning a small business is both rewarding and challenging but always worth it. Our goal is to help you grow in a way that feels good by providing a platform that will help you automate the backend of your business while also providing an easy and streamlined process and functionality for your customer communication. Schedule a demo today if you want to learn more about how Nudge can help you grow.

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