COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we do business with one another. From requiring masks at businesses to keeping our distance from others, we’ve all had to change the way we live and work in order to keep everyone safe. These safeguards have created an economy desperate for simpler, more streamlined ways of collecting information. Enter smart forms, intelligent electronic forms used to gather information.

These forms have helped us navigate the new changes brought on by the pandemic, like signing up for new classes, sports, or events. In the height of the pandemic, families had to submit health forms in order to attend sports or participate in larger events. Now, that this practice is commonplace, we can start to explore the larger opportunities this process presents.

Forms Offer Data Diversity

The applicability of these forms is nearly endless. If you run a restaurant and want to collect health information from your employees on a daily basis using your phone, you can create a form that asks if they have any symptoms, if they’ve been exposed to anyone with symptoms, or if they’ve traveled recently — and then set that form up so that employees get an email whenever it’s time for their shift. They can fill out the form right on their phones and submit it back to management without ever having to touch each other’s devices.

If you need a way to gather information from your clients or employees remotely, you’ll be able to best do this through forms housed on your website. Whether you’re collecting information for COVID-19 attestation forms or setting up a new program for your workplace, smart forms make it easy to get the information you need from your people from anywhere.

For Tilli, we saw an opportunity to use smart forms to help over 30,000 customers of a local utility company access relief funds.

In November 2020, Virginia released COVID relief funds for customers to pay their utility bills. Our customer needed a way to quickly and effectively communicate with people that the funds were available and obtain signed attestations from eligible customers.

The utility customer approached Tilli, its communications and payment processing provider, to develop a multichannel communication approach to 1) make customers aware of the relief options available to them, 2) obtain digitally signed attestations to provide proof to the regulatory authorities and 3) help them receive those funds to pay their outstanding utility bills.

Tili wanted to meet customers where they’re at, offering multiple communication options, including customized direct mail, personalized email, interactive voice response (IVR), ringless drops, and SMS. As a result, Tilli was able to launch its first phase approach within two weeks of getting the requirements from the utility company.

After receiving digitally signed attestations that were built on our smart forms platform, our customer was able to assist 30,000 people by applying available funds to their delinquent accounts. The project was considered a massive success for the company. It highlighted the need for multiple avenues of communication and superior customer service in the utility industry.

If you want to explore how smart forms can help your company, let’s get in touch.

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